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Published November 16, 2012 (

Pinterest for Business launched

Fast growing social networking website Pinterest has launched a new business arm to help brands market their services and products.

Until this week, companies that used Pinterest for marketing purposes were technically breaching the website’s terms of use, which did not allow commercial endeavours.

However, the rules of engagement have now changed, with the image centric site launching Pinterest for Business.

“We now have two sets of terms—one for people and one for businesses. The business terms help guide businesses on how to use Pinterest,” said product manager at Pinterest Cat Lee.

“They also enable us to separate the provisions meant for businesses from those meant for regular people.”

Businesses accounts can now be set up or existing users can convert to them. A separate website dedicated solely for these users has been launched, containing best practices, case studies and documentation.

Features of these accounts include verification badges to prevent imitation, new buttons and widgets and updates on new services that help engagement and understanding of audiences.